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"It works for me :-) Code quality might not be the best, but it allows developers to save time managing database schemas, and it substantially reduces the amount of mistakes due to datamodel-sourcecode asynchronization. There are plenty of clients for the deltasql server. With dbredactor or ant client, it integrates well with Eclipse. With the bash client and cron jobs it is even possible to build a continous integration for database schemas.", deltasql contributor via sourceforge in August 2010

Picture: deltasql timeline with source and target

WARNING: some features do not work, as sourceforge disabled them to enforce security. Additionally, you might encounter here newer versions than the ones relased. Please be patient if you do not get everything working. Thank you!

Try deltasql online

If you want to test deltasql in deep, the password for the administrator is provided on the login page . Feel free to experiment with this instance of deltasql. From time to time, the database is restored to an initial status, so that you can not break anything. Have fun!

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