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"Throw in a few QA houses, production databases and data warehousing solutions and the “Drop and Reload” method is not going to work out. Both offering (editor's note: one is deltasql) provide a less painful way to make structure changes in a controlled manner and provide a means to roll these changes back and start again should testing prove unsuccessful. Very powerful!", From the article Database Source Control: Map Those Changes by Tim Hustler

If deltasql is useful to you and you would like to sponsor further development, consider doing a donation. Larger donations will be used to buy a server to test clients against several database types. We plan also to buy a web testing framework to automate some unit tests and to increase deltasql reliability. Small amounts are used instead to run Adwords campaigns to advertise deltasql further.

You can read what we plan to do next, which is kind of roadmap, in the forum.

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